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Whether you're launching a company, refreshing a brand, or building a business, you need a strategy that takes every aspect of your business into account: goals, strengths & weaknesses, competition, state of the market, nature of your target audience, and much more.

Your strategy is anchored in a strong “positioning” – a statement that spells out how you fit in your customer’s world. This guides the formation of all that follows – the tone and manner, look and feel, and even the content of your communications.




Creating a lasting bond with your customers is about ensuring they understand your message, trust your promises and feel good about doing business with you. But that can’t happen if your look sends the wrong image.

In the same way, potential customers are more likely to choose your brand when your visual identity reflects their image of themselves - their wants, needs desires. What's more, if your product or service isn’t very different from your competitors’, your identity is all they have to go on. So, it better be good!




In this “swipe, click and tap world”, it is absolutely crucial your online presence commands attention, rewards viewers with relevant, helpful content and makes everything quick, intuitive and easy to find. And with the cost of online marketing making it easily in reach for pretty much any business owner the competition is fierce.

Whether it's a website, email or social media campaign or even display advertising a solid brand and strategic messaging is the key to attracting, engaging, and converting virtual visitors to customers.




At kemistri we know a truly strong, successful campaign is one that works both in pixels and on paper. Big ideas still have the power to engage. Print and broadcast still matter. And, yes, sometimes all you need is a brochure. The trick is to use traditional channels carefully– to send the right messages with clear calls to action.

So, although the digital revolution has changed the way we do business communications, traditional advertising is still very much alive. And part of our skill set.

Find out what a little kemistri can do for your business


Step one is getting to know you and your vision for the business. We sit down with you to identity your target audience, define your offering, look at what you bring to the table ­– your strengths and weaknesses. We gather up your words, thoughts, ideas, and expectations to understand where you want your business to go and what you want to see happen. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours.

Step two? We go away and plan out exactly what you’re going to need to make it so. Ready to get started?



If you've got a specific project in mind and want to get right to it, we want to help! If you don't have a brief prepared, simply use this template to get the ball rolling.



Not quite ready to jump in with both feet? Start with a phone call - a quick chat about your needs won't cost you anything but time.