Kemistri is...

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the spark
that leads to great
BRAND ideas

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 the lasting BOND
between brands
and users

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the way we
leverage that bond to
BUILD your business

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Kemistri is more than any one process or special ingredient.
It’s knowing how to blend just the right elements, at the right time, in the right way, to wow your users and blow away the competition!

This is the science of brand attraction.






Driven by insight

You could be powering up a new business idea. Re-tooling your brand. Looking to pack some extra wallop into your current campaign. Whatever it is, you can trust kemistri to help you boost your sales. How?



We get inside your head

It takes a lot of hard work to find truly money-making ideas and still more to bring them to life.

To get to those nuggets, we dig deep. It starts in our Discovery session. That’s when together we identify the “single moment of truth” that underpins all you do. It's the insight we will express as a line, a key visual…something you can own that will turn your prospect’s head in your direction.

We use this truth to anchor your strategy and fuel your creative.



Results that empower

There’s the rush you get seeing your new logo on a business card… the buzz from making multiple new connections with your target audience…the feeling you’re on the right track as your phone rings off the hook. All your numbers are telling a happy story: your tribe is growing – along with your bottom line.






Kemistri is what happens when you bring the right expertise, knowledge and experience together. Occasionally, that means calling on specialists from our network of seasoned professionals, each one chosen for the specific skill-set he or she brings to the table. It's kind of like the A-Team, only minus all the guns and explosions.





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Tiffany Leger
designer, art director and entrepreneur

Design is nothing without meaning and relevance. Driven by clear-cut, strategic thinking, I savour the challenge of creating solutions that are as beautiful as they are unique. My favourite moment is when the stars align and the perfect concept emerges. The only thing that can top it is when the client says, “I love it!” While my experience ranges from blue chip to potato chip; my passion for the big idea knows no bounds. I know that, given the right, insight-based brief, every project has the potential to produce great results.

Away from my computer I feel energized with a bike underneath me or a pair of rollerblades strapped to my feet – and a long, empty path stretching out ahead. I feel inspired with a forest trail under my boots and my two dogs racing ahead. I feel like nothing else matters with cold arena air filling my lungs, a hot cup of coffee warming my hands and my son's hockey dreams playing out before my eyes. Download CV.

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Eric Gall
writer, creative thinker, facilitator and entrepreneur

Whether I’m writing a sales page …developing a marketing campaign …helping an entrepreneur birth a new brand …or giving an existing brand an upgrade, I’ve found success comes from: keeping it simple, keeping it real and keeping your users engaged by giving them something better than they were expecting.

On my own time, I’m happiest with a guitar in my hands, a Cavapoo named “Guinness” at my feet, a glass of Malbec on the table, a lake in the Gatineau Hills under my boat (with a smallmouth bending my rod), my kids off conquering the world and my wife beside me on the sofa, watching Walter White cooking up a new batch of trouble on the screen. (Although, not necessarily all at the same time.) Download CV.




Over the years our creative bar has been set pretty high.


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